IELTS is the most popular and prevalent exam to assess the language proficiency of non users of English for the purpose of study, work or permanent settlement in any country where English is the lingua franca. IELTS assesses all the skills related to a language- Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. IELTS is conducted and jointly owned by the British Council and IDP.

There is a nine-band system to analyze the levels of proficiency, from non-user through to expert. IELTS is accepted in all universities and colleges. A candidate has to give the test of listening reading and writing on the same day and no break is given during the test. Speaking test can be up to seven days before and after the written test. There are two types of IELTS Test: Academic or General Training.

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Academic test is for those who want to do their further studies in a foreign country. This test evaluates the capability of a student who is planning to go to a country where English is the first language and the medium of instruction.


General Training test is for those who want to migrate to an English speaking country (Australia, UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand) and for work purpose. The motive of this test is to evaluate the capabilities of communication skills of a candidate.


Reading module consists of 40 questions and 3 long texts which are taken from books, magazines, newspapers and so on. Each paragraph consists of different types of questions such as MCQs, Fill in the blanks, suitable headings, matching , true false statements and so on. Students have to complete this test in one hour. No extra time will be given for transferring the answers to the answer sheet.


Reading of general training consists of 40 questions with short and long paragraphs. It also has 3 sections and different type of questions like academic reading and has to be completed within one hour. Each section has one or two passages.


Listening module will be the same for academic and general training candidates. This module consists of four sections. Forty questions are there in total, each section has ten questions. The total duration of this test is 40 minutes. The audio plays for 30 minutes and after that 10 minutes are given to transfer the answers from the listening question booklet to the answer sheet.


Speaking test will be taken up to seven days before or after the written exam. In this there are three parts. In the 1st part the examiner asks general questions. In second there is a cue card on various topics. The candidate is given one minute to prepare for the cue card and is required to speak for two minutes. In the last part, the examiner asks questions related to the cue card topic. This test will take 15 to 20 minutes.


Written module for academic is different from general training IELTS. In academic, there is report writing in writing task 1 and in general training there is letter writing in Task 1. Task 2 is same for both the categories. There is essay writing in task 2. The total time allotted for writing is 1 hour and the candidate is required to complete both the tasks in the stipulated time.