Gurleen’s Education Academy is the most trusted institute for learning the English language. Since English has become an indispensable part in every sphere of life. Without possessing the skills of this language, we cannot achieve success in life easily. Our trained staff helps the students to learn the nuances of this language which enables them to speak English fluently. We encourage the usage of English language in everyday life by boosting the confidence of the learner. We cover all the aspects which are mandatory to improve the speaking including Grammar, Vocabulary, Prepositions, Active and Passive voice and Tenses. We assess the present level of the student by taking a basic evaluative test and then we focus on the core areas which will enhance the language capabilities.

Our Method To Teach Speaking -

  • We do numerous speaking activities in class: Newspaper reading
  • Group discussion
  • SpellathonS
  • Tongue twisters for improving voice clarity
  • Role playing games
  • Extempore topics
  • Vocabulary with different techniques like Mnemonic technique and WLCR (Write, Look, Cover and Repeat). These techniques are beneficial to learn the vocabulary in less time. It is also a time saving technique. Students do not need to do rote learning.
  • J.A.M(Just A Minute) to enhance vocabulary on daily basis and boost confidence to speak fluently and comfortably without hesitation and slang in front of populace in any situation.
  • Body language
  • Personality Development
  • Developing listening skills
  • Improving pronunciation
  • Broadening your range of language